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Barber Shop

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Jake’s Barber Shop offers its customers the lost art of the barbershop – great conversation, periodicals, great service and the advice of a real...

Straight Razor Shave

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Jake’s Barber Shop is geared to service all shaving and grooming needs – we have pre-shave solutions, shaving creams, after shave balms...

Men's Haircut

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Jake’s Barber Shop prides itself in our staff of expert hair stylists who will cut your hair according to your preference. If you ask us, we will...


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Welcome To Jake's Barber Shop

If you’re tired of the quick morning shave with a disposable razor and you would like to experience the luxury of a straight razor shave, Jake’s Barber Shop in Huntington Beach is your destination.

At Jake’s Barber Shop, our seasoned barbers know how to treat men…the old fashioned way. Chances are you have never kicked back in a barber’s chair and been treated to a heated lather and shave oils. Indulge yourself!

Once you have tried it, it will be hard to go back to quick shaves over your sink with a disposable razor. At Jake’s Barber Shop, our barbers are artisans who will apply heated lather and shave oils and then proceed to shave your beard with a proper shave.

Straight razor shaves became unpopular with the advent of disposable razors, mostly for hygienic reasons. To avoid the spread of AIDS, a razor must be sterilized for 20 minutes after each use. Jake’s Barber Shop fully complies with this sanitary requirement for the safety of our patrons.

At Jake’s Barber Shop, our expert barbers will also give you a good men’s hair cut, depending on your preferences. Come see us for a conventional men’s hair cut, or to get highlights, for bangs or a bowl cut. You will leave our shop with your favorite hair cut and the old-fashioned straight razor shave you’ve always wanted.

Call Jake’s Barber Shop today to schedule an appointment! We are here to serve you and our prices are very affordable! Don’t delay – call us today!