Straight Razor Shave

Straight Razor Shave

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Jake’s Barber Shop is geared to service all shaving and grooming needs – we have pre-shave solutions, shaving creams, after shave balms and shaving hardware. We have oversized, comfortable barber chairs designed to help you relax in a place designed with men in mind.

Why is a straight razor shave so very different from a quick morning shave with a disposable razor?

Razor type – the razor doesn’t have a bumper, so there’s no gap in the blade, either. The shave is very close, which will allow you an extra day or two without having to shave.

Skin preparation – prior to the straight razor shave, your face is covered with a warm towel, a pre-shave oil is applied and then it’s lathered with warm, high-glycerin shaving cream.

The shave – after all the skin preparation, you are given a shave with the grain of your hair. You are lathered again with warm shaving cream and you are given a shave against the grain of your hair. The second shave feels scratchy and comforting at the same time.

A straight razor shave is a sublime experience for most men and it entails indulging yourself in a place made for men! Jake’s Barber Shop reconnects you to a time of simpler pleasures at affordable prices. Visit us or call us today to schedule your straight razor shave!