Mens Haircut

Men's Haircut

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Jake’s Barber Shop prides itself in our staff of expert hair stylists who will cut your hair according to your preference. If you ask us, we will give you our expert recommendation of the most suitable men’s haircut for you, depending on your age group and your dress style.

In order to best communicate with your barber, familiarize yourself with some of the most popular haircut terms:

Bald – all the hair in the scalp is removed with a razor. It’s popular among balding men and athletes.

Bangs – hair that falls over your forehead. It can be combed down or brushed to the side or to the back.

Arch – the space above the ear which is outlined with clippers.

Bowl – easy to maintain, a bowl is placed on the head and all the hair below is removed. Popular with teens and children.

Brush cut – sides and back are cut as for a crewcut., but the top is left slightly longer

Burr – hair on all head is cut 1/8 inch or shorter. This is used for new military recruits.

Businessman’s cut – for a conventional look, hair is cut with a slight taper on the sides and back and top is left long enough to part and comb to the side.

Jake’s Barber Shop barbers perform all these men’s haircuts – and more! The Butch, The Buzzcut, Faux Hawk, Flattop, High and Tight, Ivy League, Pompadour, Mullet. If you are not familiar with the name of the men’s haircut you desire, explain it to your barber and he will interpret your request.

Long gone are the days when men were quite uninterested about their physical appearance, with the possible exception of male movie stars. But for the average man, a haircut was simply a haircut, something to be done quickly and without giving it much thought. The result was a very uniform look, especially regarding men’s haircut styles.

In today’s world, boys of all ages and men are quite fastidious about their physical appearance. They are familiar with fashion styles, they emulate their athletic or movie star idols, and most importantly, they learn what style of men’s haircut becomes them more. Jake’s Barber Shop provides an old-time atmosphere with modern-day practices!

Call Jake’s Barber Shop today to schedule your visit to a pleasurable experience in a place made for men! Our top priority is giving you outstanding service. Walk-ins welcome!