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About Jake's Barber Shop

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In this hectic life we live today, men sometimes fantasize about the straight razor shaves their fathers talked about – or they have seen them in a movie. Jake’s Barber Shop fulfills your straight razor shave fantasies! We are your old-fashioned barber shop located right in Huntington Beach, California!

We give very relaxing straight razor shaves at very affordable prices. And men’s hair cuts are also our specialty – whatever style you select. Our barbers are friendly and experienced in interpreting your wishes and giving you the results you desire!

Jake’s Barber Shop’s long list of satisfied customers are our best reference. They can attest to the excellent customer care that we give them for either a straight razor shave or a men’s hair cut – at very affordable prices!

If you are among the growing number of men who are getting tired of hurried morning shaves and who yearn to go back to the old-fashioned way of doing things – the civilized way- visit Jake’s Barber Shop today! Treat yourself to the ritual of a proper straight razor shave, followed by soothing shave oils. And get a good men’s hair cut. You deserve it!